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Santa's £20,000 Stocking Filler

Santa's £20,000 Stocking Filler

Terms and Conditions Apply.

There’s more to 32Red than poker, and between 1-15 December we’d like you to enjoy and take advantage of a slots promotion: the aptly named Santa's £20,000 Stocking Filler! With so much money being given away during the promo, as well as bonus prizes, this is a good time to have a bit of extra fun at 32Red in between contemplating the pros and cons of calling with QJ off suit… Keep an eye on the leaderboard below, it updates every 15 minutes:

1Neil A5979500.00
2Valerie C5000200.00
3Matthew B3983100.00
4Sezer F359275.00
5Daniel L226050.00
6Howard P217150.00
7Olly S191540.00
8John W158840.00
9Stephen W155640.00
10Jeffrey K152140.00
11Simon B147525.00
12Luis D139425.00
13Michael C131725.00
14Wendy H121125.00
15Isabel A120125.00
16Wes M116225.00
17Nikolay M108615.00
18Armin B98615.00
19Macdonald B96115.00
20Sophie L94715.00
21Matej A94215.00
22Matthew T89215.00
23Tony B88015.00
24Ashley S85915.00
25Neil B85615.00
26Cormac L83215.00
27Richard B82915.00
28Elaine G80115.00
29John S73915.00
30Ramadan T72010.00
31Chris L70810.00
32George r V65110.00
33Bruce H65010.00
34James M64610.00
35Behishta M62210.00
36Halmat A60410.00
37Hilda S60310.00
38Mikey B59210.00
39Resmi M56110.00
40Deborah J55710.00
41Colin W51910.00
42Toni B51710.00
43Nick P50410.00
44Rachel B50310.00
45Ernestas G48810.00
46Kate R47510.00
47Keith W47110.00
48Michael M46510.00
49Kelly C46410.00
50Matthew W45010.00
51Steven O43410.00
52Dawn B43310.00
53Jordan W42810.00
54Brett C42610.00
55Matthew P41410.00
56Carl P40610.00
57Emma T38810.00
58Michelle M38610.00
59Andrew R38110.00
60John C38010.00
61Simon C38010.00
62Massimo P36510.00
63Claire H3635.00
64Kerry H3625.00
65Marion S3595.00
66Gary L3585.00
67Debra G3495.00
68Deborah H3305.00
69Antony M3245.00
70Stephen R3245.00
71Jon P3225.00
72Marie C3155.00
73Myles W3145.00
74Penny W3115.00
75Josephine C3095.00
76James J3095.00
77Claire W3075.00
78Lee B3045.00
79Thomas R3025.00
80Malgorzata K2995.00
81Farzana R2955.00
82Stephen F2905.00
83Margaret H2885.00
84Debra B2875.00
85Michael M2865.00
86Mark W2835.00
87Margaret F2745.00
88Tomas N2665.00
89John L2595.00
90Andrew B2565.00
91Eva P2525.00
92Thomas M2515.00
93Joanna W2505.00
94Carol R2475.00
95Scott P2475.00
96Adam K2455.00
97Craig J2405.00
98Jacek K2405.00
99Brett G2365.00
100David G2355.00
101Stella G2340.00
102Gayle a C2260.00
103Kevin D2260.00
104Rebecca R2200.00
105Adam W2170.00
106Daphne H2160.00
107Samantha C2150.00
108Juha m T2130.00
109Mary S2120.00
110Graham M2100.00
111Adam M2090.00
112Emma S2070.00
113Jennifer J2030.00
114Linda M2010.00
115Darrell L2010.00
116Paula V2000.00
117Robert B2000.00
118David C1940.00
119Kelly M1930.00
120Darrell K1920.00
121Mark G1910.00
122Peter S1890.00
123Eva K1890.00
124Greg C1870.00
125Nathan P1870.00
126Claire R1870.00
127Linda C1840.00
128Paola Q1830.00
129Cher S1820.00
130Caroline R1810.00
131Stephen T1800.00
132Elaine D1790.00
133James V1790.00
134Mary M1780.00
135Stephen C1770.00
136Sonya W1760.00
137Lance G1750.00
138Jody W1750.00
139Scott A1730.00
140Maria M1720.00
141Hussein W1710.00
142Lynda P1710.00
143Joe M1710.00
144Georgina W1700.00
145Ian R1690.00
146Carlos A1690.00
147Mike H1680.00
148Kelly S1670.00
149Valerie B1670.00
150Nicholas K1670.00

How it Works

We’re talking slots here, so it couldn’t be more user-friendly – it’s not rocket science. As with poker, there’ll be daily leaderboards during the promotional period, and £1,000 to £2,000 awarded to the top 100 players every day at midnight!

And there are more Christmas goodies, too – repeated leaderboard success means bonus prizes. So, have some festive slots fun and help yourself to an early Christmas present.

Good luck, and have fun!

If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Help Centre.

Terms and Conditions

  1. This promotion is available to all 32Red Poker players from 00:01 (UK Time) on Friday 1st December until 23:59 (UK Time) on Friday 15th December. Should players wish to opt out of this promotion they can email [email protected] anytime before or during the promotional dates.
  2. Every £10 wagered on slot machines at 32Red Casino, 32Red Bingo, 32Red Poker, 32Red IT, Roxy Palace and Casino Splendido casinos during the promotional period will reward you with one point on the daily leaderboard. Every day 100 players will win a share of casino bonuses, with a total of £20,000 in casino bonuses given away during the 15 day promotional period. The bonus prizes range from £5 up to £200/£500, depending on the leaderboard total for each day.
  3. A new leaderboard will be available every day. Players will automatically be included on every daily leaderboard unless 'opted out' (see Term 1).
  4. Daily leaderboard bonuses will be credited on the following day, before 17:00 (UK Time). Bonuses will expire after 7 days from crediting.
  5. All bonus prizes (excluding £10,000 cash prizes) will be credited to a player's bonus balance and subject to 30x playthrough before being withdrawn. Click here to find out the different contributions per game type.
  6. Players with accounts across these qualifying casinos will have their points combined for the daily leaderboards. For the purpose of this promotion, such accounts will be linked by surname, date of birth and registered email address. The leaderboard prizes will be added to the account contributing the most points towards that day’s leaderboard.

*Last updated at 17:00 (UK time) on 30/11/17

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