MPN Poker Tour 2018

MPN Poker Tour: Vienna (Austria)

MPN Poker Tour: Vienna (Austria)

Terms and Conditions Apply

The fourth instalment of the MPN Poker Tour will be in Vienna, Austria, 21-24 January 2016. 32Red Poker players have numerous routes to the €200,000 guaranteed Main Event at Montesino Casino in Austria's capital. It's possible to buy-in through the poker lobby but a more fun and potentially profitable route to the MPN Poker Tour is to qualify via our exceptionally bankroll-friendly satellites, which start as low as 25c! Note that there are also 'seat only' satellites available.

The Package:

Each package is valued at €1,500 and includes:

  • Buy-in for €550 Main Event (€200,000 Guaranteed)
  • Buy-in for €150 Side Event
  • Four nights accommodation at the Roomz Hotel, Vienna
  • €425 for travel/expenses
  • A welcome MPN/Players drinks reception

*You may transfer your side event ticket/s to a guest/s if you wish. If you do not transfer your side event ticket but are unable to play because you’re still playing the main event, we’ll refund the buy in/s to your MPN account. Otherwise, the side event entries are not refundable or exchangeable.

MPNPT Vienna – Tournament Schedule

Date, Time Event Details
21 Jan, 1pm Main Event Super Sat [€2,750 Gtd] €30+5 R/A, 5 ME Seats Gtd
21 Jan, 5pm Main Event Day 1A [€200K Gtd] €500+50, 30K chips, 3x max re-entries
22 Jan, 1pm Main Event Super Sat [€2,750 Gtd] €30+5 R/A, 5 ME Seats Gtd
22 Jan, 5pm Main Event Day 1B [€200K Gtd] €500+50, 30K chips, 3x max re-entries
22 Jan, 9pm All-in or fold shootout €40+10, 1 chip
23 Jan, 2pm Main Event Day 2 [€200K Gtd] €500+50, 30K chips, 3x max re-entries
23 Jan, 6pm Hyper-Turbo Freezeout €85+15, 10K chips
24 Jan, 1pm Sunday Lunch €30+5, 2x re-entries
24 Jan, 2pm Main Event Final Day [€200K Gtd] €500+50, 30K chips, 3x max re-entries
24 Jan, 4pm Austria Poker Cup €130+20, 20K chips

How To Qualify:

There are satellites galore, at varying buy-ins, and of different formats (Sit & Go, Freezeout, Rebuy, Turbo and Flip tournaments), so you're sure to find something that best suits you. Good luck!

Vienna MPN

NEW! Flip For It Packages

You can also qualify via our Flip SNG route, a process of only three levels, the first with a buy-in of only €5. Qualifiers receive a special reduced package of Main Event buy-in (€550), accommodation and €186 for expenses.

Buy In Players Price Buy In
€ 5 6 €30 token
€ 30 (token entry only) 6 €180 token
€ 180 (token entry only) 6 Special package*

Find our Flip For It satellites in the 32Red Poker lobby under Tournaments > Satellites > Live Events.

Live Stream (21-24 January)

Team 32Red

Package Winners

Vladimir Pastushenko
Matti Sahinoja
Phill Huxley
Adrian Nica
Dara O'Kearney
Andrew Bell
Frank Taal
Paul Aitken
Michael Rettie
Julie Whitworth
Ivan Damyanov
Sean Gomez
Diane Duncan
Marko Harkonen
Piotr Bienia
Simon Millard
Maxim Kobeza
Martyna Kemesyte
Joel Holmberg
Ronald Alino
Irina Lilpuran
Peter Raynor
Nadeem Nazir

Seat Winners

Angus Dunnington
Adrian Nica
Dara O'Kearney
Richard Cowley
Simon Millard
Simon Taylor
James mcgeorge
Oleg Yegorov
Deccy Rice
Phill Huxley
Vladimir Pastushenko

If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Help Centre.

Terms and Conditions

  1. This contract is with Prima Poker Limited, and any player that registers or takes part in the MPN Poker Tour, agrees to be bound by these MPN Poker Tour Terms and Conditions.
  2. The Terms and Conditions for play in Vienna are relevant for both the MPNPT online qualifiers and the live event held in Vienna in January 2016. Players are encouraged to familiarise themselves with these Terms and Conditions prior to joining any MPNPT online qualifiers or event tournaments.
  3. The Terms and Conditions for play in Vienna are relevant for both the MPNPT online qualifiers and the live event held in Vienna in January 2016. Players are encouraged to familiarise themselves with these Terms and Conditions prior to joining any MPNPT online qualifiers or event tournaments.
  4. The House Rules for play in the chosen venue will govern players’ behaviour and conduct for the duration of the event in that casino. Players are encouraged to make themselves aware of these Rules.
  5. The destination venue will conduct due diligence on all players taking part in the MPNPT Event on their premises, and they will furthermore handle all monetary transactions, including, but not limited to, collection of direct buy-ins for the Main Event and any side events, and payment of winnings from the relevant tournaments. The Terms and Conditions for the poker room through which players qualify online for the MPNPT will apply in full. We recommend players familiarise themselves with their poker room’s Terms and conditions.
  6. The promotional period for the MPNPT will commence from 0000 GMT on 7th January 2013 and continue until discontinued by the promotion administrators.
  7. Server time (GMT) will be used at all times for the purposes of this promotion.
  8. Any player who participates in a tournament associated with the MPNPT hereby accepts all terms of the MPNPT’s Terms and Conditions for such tournaments, as referenced herein or separately.
  9. MPNPT Package

  10. An MPNPT Package may include, for each relevant event:
    1. One buy-in to the “MPNPT Main Event”, which is the primary tournament for each MPNPT event in the specified location;
    2. Accommodation;
    3. Occasionally, cash towards travel or general expenses;
    4. Occasionally, a welcome session with drinks or snacks.
    5. Occasionally, food and/or drinks vouchers;
  11. Players may win multiple MPNPT Packages, but may only play in each MPNPT Main Event once. Each MPNPT Package can only be used once.
  12. MPNPT Packages are non-transferrable and non-refundable.
  13. The value of any items contained within the Package, and the Package value as a whole, may change from time to time at the discretion of the promotion administrators.
  14. MPNPT Satellites and Qualification

  15. In order to win MPNPT Packages or entry into an MPNPT Main Event, players may buy MPNPT Packages or entry, directly into the MPNPT Main Event, from a holding lobby in the poker software, or they may compete in Satellites. “Satellites” are tournaments that reward winners with tournament tickets that can be used to play in other tournaments. The last Satellite in a Satellite series, the “Final”, rewards players with an MPNPT Package or entry into an MPNPT Main Event.
  16. At any Satellite level, players can buy in using cash, loyalty points or eligible tournament tickets.
  17. Winners of the Finals will win MPNPT Packages (“Package Winners”) or entry into the MPNPT Main Event (“Event Players”). Package Winners and Event Players are, collectively, “MPNPT Qualifiers”. Package Winners and Event Players will be listed in holding lobbies (dummy tournament lobbies that will show the number of Event Players who have qualified for the MPNPT), which will be maintained in the poker software during the promotional period.
  18. MPNPT Satellite tournament tickets can be used for entry into other MPNPT Satellites up to 365 days after being issued. Unused MPNPT tickets cannot be converted into cash, loyalty points or other tournament tickets. For the avoidance of doubt, winners of Finals will receive MPNPT Packages, not tournament tickets.
  19. Winners of Finals who are rewarded with MPNPT Packages must attend the next MPNPT event. Players who have won or purchased multiple MPNPT Packages must attend the next event and subsequent events.
  20. Once an MPNPT Package or Main Event Entry is Won or Purchased

  21. MPNPT Qualifiers must supply tournament registration details to the relevant promotion administrators before the specified date, as published on the MPNPT website for each event. The details required shall also be published from time to time on the MPNPT website for each relevant event. If any players fail to supply this information within the specified time period, they will not be registered in the MPNPT and refunds will not be issued.
  22. Contact information for the promotion administrators will be made available to all MPNPT
  23. Winners in the MPNPT Main Events and any side events will be given the offer of receiving their prizes as cash or online, into their online poker account. For players who qualified online, payments can only be made into the poker accounts held with the operator who they qualified with. A player who bought into the MPNPT directly at Olympic Casino may also choose for some or all of their prize money to be put into an online poker account held with one of the participating poker rooms, provided that online poker account is held by the winning player, subject to all relevant Estonian laws, Olympic Casino Terms and Conditions and the relevant poker room’s Terms and Conditions.
  24. Accommodation, Travel and Spending Money

  25. Package Winners may receive accommodation near to the event. Package Winners will be responsible for all charges not included in an MPNPT Package. Package Winners may be expected to present a credit card on arrival at the hotel to cover any relevant charges. Event Players will not receive accommodation.
  26. The promotion administrators reserve the right to offer alternative hospitality options of the same or similar value, at their sole discretion. Any changes will be notified to the Package Winners in advance.
  27. No cash alternative will be available for unused hotel accommodation.
  28. It is the MPNPT Qualifier’s responsibility to organise travel to and from each event and to ensure that all travel documents (passport and visa, as required) are in order and to obtain any required travel and medical insurance. MPNPT Qualifiers are responsible for all charges and costs for their travel.
  29. If entitled to it, money for travel will be deposited into each Package Winner’s online poker accounts within 5 business days after that player’s registration into the MPNPT Main Event is confirmed. The funds will be in the currency of the Package Winner’s poker account, and where this is not EUR, the exchange rate used will be such EUR exchange rate listed on at the date of transfer of the funds. Event Players will not receive money for travel.
  30. Branding, Marketing and Merchandise

  31. All players participating in the MPNPT must give details of their table and seat numbers for all MPNPT events they are playing or have played to any promotion administrators who request them.
  32. All players participating in the MPNPT agree to wear MPNPT participating operator-branded merchandise for the duration of the MPNPT tournaments. The apparel is to be worn in a manner requested by the relevant MPNPT promotion administrators. No player may wear, at any time, any apparel which has competitor branding or third party sponsor branding for the duration of the relevant MPNPT event. Competitor branding or third party sponsor branding is any branding that advertises or displays the logo, trademark or name of any person that provides services or products that are the same or similar to those provided by the MPNPT promotion administrators/MPNPT participating operators. Players wearing competitor or third party sponsor branding may be asked to remove it prior to the start of a tournaments; failure to comply may result in disqualification from the current or future events with no refunds.
  33. MPNPT Qualifiers agree that their real names, aliases, locations, images or other applicable personal data can be used for promotional purposes. MPNPT Qualifiers further agree to be interviewed regarding their progress and results during or after a tournament and to make themselves available for promotional purposes, such as, but not limited to, media interviews, as requested by the relevant promotion administrators.
  34. MPNPT Qualifiers must at all times conduct themselves in a manner respectful to the event and to the game of poker. Players in the MPNPT are brand ambassadors in a prestigious, internationally-recognised sporting contest. Should any player act in a manner so as to bring the MPNPT or associated operators into disrepute, in the reasonable opinion of Prima Poker, the player may be excluded from the current or future events at the sole discretion of Prima Poker. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if a player commits any act of fraud, collusion, unethical or disruptive behaviour whilst playing online poker on the MPN or elsewhere, or breaches any provision of these Terms and Conditions, the promotion organisers and Prima Poker reserve, in their sole discretion, the right to refuse/exclude participation by such player in any current or future MPNPT events, or other events.
  35. General Rules

  36. Players must be at least 18 years old to take part in MPNPT, or at least as old as required in the jurisdiction of the event’s location. In the case of MPNPT Tallinn, players must be at least 21 years old on the day that the tournament starts to take part in the tournament.
  37. MPNPT Qualifiers must bring government-issued photographic identification, such as their passport, to the event.
  38. The promotion administrators reserve the right to change the rules and/or structure of the MPNPT Finals, Satellites and Main Event at their discretion.
  39. The promotion administrators reserve the right to buy back MPNPT Packages from any winner(s) at a price equivalent or similar to the value of that Package at their discretion.
  40. Awarding of any and all prizes is at the sole discretion of the promotion administrators, and any decisions taken in this regard are final.
  41. The promotion administrators and Prima Poker shall in no way be liable for any injuries, losses, damages or expenses suffered or incurred by any winner of a Package or event entry as a direct or indirect result of accepting the Package and participating in the MPNPT.
  42. All other network rules, House Rules, TDA Tournament Rules and operator rules apply to this promotion.
  43. Players acknowledge that any complaints shall be dealt with pursuant to the complaints terms and conditions and procedures of their respective operators, and of Olympic Casino as applicable to them.
  44. The validity, construction and effect of these Terms and Conditions and each and every provision hereof shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England.
  45. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions, whether in contract or tort and including any question regarding its existence, validity or termination, shall be referred to and finally resolved by arbitration under the rules (the “Rules”) of the London Court of International Arbitration (“LCIA”), which Rules are deemed to be incorporated by reference into this clause. The arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in London, United Kingdom, in the English language before a single arbitrator. If the Parties fail to agreeably nominate the arbitrator within 14 days of either party’s first written demand to that effect, the arbitrator shall be appointed by the LCIA. If any arbitral nomination of a Party fails or is not approved by the LCIA, the LCIA shall appoint a replacement arbitrator. The arbitrator may be of any nationality.

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